About Clinical Hero

About Clinical Hero

We are comprised of health care professionals and regular people who are impacted by chronic illnesses. We want to acknowledge that the world of clinical research revolves around the volunteers who are striving to advance science and health & wellness. As a result of these volunteers, more effective treatments can reach the market. We believe anyone who participates in a clinical study is a hero. Hence the name of our company and our community, Clinical Hero.

Today, this industry faces many challenges:

  • Knowledge. Right now, most people view a clinical study or a clinical trial as something you do when your health is failing and you are out of options. When in fact clinical studies include people of all health situations – from those in perfect health to people with various conditions.
  • Communication. There are over 25,000 medical clinical trials. Yet it can be incredibly onerous to find information about a specific study that is right for you or a loved one.
  • Myths vs Facts. Did you know that many studies compensate you for your time? Did you know that many can be done from home? Did you know that some will give you access to treatment after the trial is complete? There is much information that needs to be made available to people to help raise their level of awareness.
  • Diversity. Having a diverse representation of individuals in a study will help to make the results that much more impactful.
  • Engagement. It can be hard enough to recruit volunteers for a study, but if they are not appreciated and treated with open and consistent communication, then they can become less engaged and often drop out.

To address these challenges, we believe a world needed to be built that centered around the individual. And that the individual should be empowered. Clinical Hero provides the following:

  • An easy search tool that allows anyone to enter various criteria – including condition, location, stipend, etc.
  • Study specific details – especially what is expected of volunteers
  • Access to learn about the sites hosting the study
  • Simple questionnaires to see if a study is right for them
  • Ability to engage with the study site directly
  • Peer message boards or chat rooms where you can learn from other people who have been through a similar study or can otherwise provide practical insight

Our Mission

Clinical Hero’s mission is to help treatments and cures become available in the shortest amount of time possible.  And we believe the key ingredient to accomplishing this mission is empowering the public. You. All of us can fulfill a role and be a Clinical Hero.

Clinical Study Basics

Best Practices for Retaining Patients

Once patients are enrolled in a clinical study, the emphasis shifts to retaining patients in the trial and ensuring they are compliant with all aspects and timelines of the protocol. Enrolled study participants are more likely to adhere to protocol requirements when study-related tasks are top of mind. There are many solutions available to ensure compliance with study-related tasks, including:

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders via email, mail, and telephone.
  • Reminders to complete patient diaries and/or interviews.
  • Reporting mechanisms via telephone and secure websites, as well as centralized adverse event reporting.
  • Centralized communications that streamline the information flow and provide after-hours support for questions, follow up with patients, appointment rescheduling, and sharing information directly with site coordinators.


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