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of all trials are delayed due to recruitment issues.
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of the U.S. pharmaceutical industry's collective clinical trial budget is for enrollment.
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of the time dedicated to clinical trials is spent on patient recruitment and enrollment.
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of trials never enroll a single patient.

Thank you for considering Clinical Hero for your recruitment needs. We are eager to work with your company. We have combined the best aspects of JALR’s community and the best practices of Study Scavenger and created Clinical Hero. 

Our mission is to help treatments and cures become available in the shortest amount of time possible.

We believe the key ingredient to accomplishing this mission is empowering the public and recruiting and engaging in dynamic ways.

We communicate with our community and our visitors in a variety of ways:

  • On Clinical Hero we provide an extensive amount of information about each study. First there is an easy to navigate search bar where you can learn about studies based on condition, location, site, stipends, etc. From there, you can find information on a study, a site, and even answer pre-screen questionnaires about a study.
  • Our featured trials are those that we believe should be highlighted and especially emphasized on our site pages, with direct links to each study.
  • We highlight featured clinics. This allows people to search for studies based on various clinics or even by sites.
  • Many of the people who visit Clinical Hero have registered to receive information when a suitable trial becomes right for them. We can geo target people and send text or email blasts alerting them about specific studies that may be of interest.
  • We believe in the use of video as a strong way to communicate. We identify and vet qualified hosts or influencers to discuss specific health topics. These trained hosts can be patients, caregivers, or professionals. Each video is not study specific but educational in nature. When the video is viewed by the potential research subject, it will have IRB approved display banners or text in and around the videos. Clinical Hero will oversee content and audience development, post-production editing, and replaying to large audiences.

In addition to the above methods, we employ numerous other tactics to recruit for studies in a fast and efficient way. Whether they are the usual tactics like using social media, to the less often used tactics like employing ambassadors, we strive to shorten the recruitment period by empowering the public with information.

No study is the same. So let’s discuss yours. We are excited to engage with your company. You may request a comprehensive list of all the services that we offer (and pricing) by simply contacting us at info@clinicalhero.com.

Effective Site-Specific Recruitment Plan

  • Materials to maintain awareness of the trial in areas of the site where patients who are candidates are likely to be encountered
  • Tools to help site staff in pre-screening patients and/or conducting various study procedures that may be complicated
  • Detailed maps of patient pathways to assist all in understanding patient flow and optimal pre-screening strategies which can differ from site to site
  • Development of specific prescreening criteria, which can include using web-based or mobile technology to assist the site in implementing effective prescreening
  • Periodic one-to-one discussions of the trial with all care providers focused on the scientific rationale for the study and its design
  • Educational activities at the site focused on awareness of the condition under study and its treatment
  • Informed consent aids to assist providers and research staff with educating patients on the study in a balanced manner


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